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The Adbusters Media Foundation is a Canadian-based not-for-profit, anti-consumeristpro-environment organization founded in 1989 by Kalle Lasn and Bill Schmalz inVancouverBritish Columbia. The foundation describes itself as “a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age.”

Characterized by some as anti-capitalist or opposed to capitalism, it publishes the reader-supported, advertising-free Adbusters, an activist magazine with an international circulation of 120,000 devoted to challenging consumerism. Past and present contributors to the magazine include Christopher HedgesMatt TaibbiBill McKibben,Jim MunroeDouglas RushkoffJonathan BarnbrookDavid GraeberSimon CritchleySlavoj ZizekMichael Hardt and others.

Adbusters has launched numerous international campaigns, including Buy Nothing DayTV Turnoff Week and Occupy Wall Street, and is known for their “subvertisements” that spoof popular advertisements. In English, Adbusters has bi-monthly American, Canadian, Australian, UK and International editions of each issue. Adbusters’s sister organizations include Résistance à l’Aggression Publicitaire andCasseurs de Pub in France, Adbusters Norge in Norway, Adbusters Sverige in Sweden and Culture Jammers in Japan.

In mid-2011, the Canadian-based Adbusters Foundation, best known for its advertisement-free anti-consumerist magazine Adbusters, proposed a peaceful occupation of Wall Street to protest corporate influence on democracy, address a growing disparity in wealth, and the absence of legal repercussions behind the recent global financial crisis. Adbusters’ senior editor Micah White said via their email list they had suggested the protest, which White said “was spontaneously taken up by all the people of the world.” Adbuster’s website said that from their “one simple demand—a presidential commission to separate money from politics—we start setting the agenda for a new America.” They promoted the protest with a poster featuring a dancer atop Wall Street’s iconic Charging Bull.

Adbusters’ Kalle Lasn, when asked why it took three years after the implosion of Lehman Brothers‘ to call for a people’s protest, said that after the election of President Obama there was a feeling among the young that he would pass laws to regulate the banking system and “take these financial fraudsters and bring them to justice.” However, as time passed, “the feeling that he’s a bit of a gutless wonder slowly crept in” and they lost their hope that his election would result in change.

Source of text is Wikipedia

Note: Since the Occupy Movement and Occupy Wall Street were founded on the principles of democracy and are leaderless in organization, no one person speaks for the group completely in their individual commentaries or actions. In a democracy we have the right to disagree with our neighbors nonviolently, and speak our minds publicly, each holding up our own wisdom and prospective with which each other person can choose to agree with or challege. This is the manner in which democratic societies communicate, through a give and take. Since membership in Occupy is open or inclusive, its members carry no cards, therefore support for the movement can only be expressed with words and through our individual actions.

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